Content Writing And Self Editing Go Hand In Hand

bluestripe contentI write an article for and last week I touched on the subject of how important self editing was to content writing in general.  There seemed to be a misconception among people starting out in writing that you should be editing whatever you’re writing as you go along. That’s not the way to get the best results.

First Content Writing and Then Editing

Although they work hand in hand you need to finish the writing part before you move on to the editing. It’s important to write that way so that you can get the whole point down that you want to. It’s too easy to lose your train of thought when you keep stopping as you go through the first draft.
You need to read out loud as well when you’re editing something you’ve just written.


Good Content Writing Includes Headlines.

Copy of computer networkngi 1You need to keep in mind that the headline is one of the first pieces of information that a reader sees. Write a good one and they ll click through to read the rest of your article. A bad one means they’ll click away from a blog that you’ve written and may never return again.

What Makes For A Great Headline?

Fair enough, you might say, but what makes up a good headline? Well one of the first things that you need to consider is to be short and sweet. The headline isn’t the place to explain to the reader what the entire blog is about. It’s the place where you get to the point.

You need to remember that Google does not have a sense of humor. And that means that your sense of irony might be a hit at parties but it won’t do anything to get you a better search engine ranking or more readers. The more straightforward your title the better.

One final note about SEO. if you can work one of your main keywords into the title all the better and if you can put it as close to the front as possible you stand a better chance at a higher ranking.

If You Built It They Will Come: But Have Something There When They Arrive

content writersThere are still people out there that think all you need to do is build a website and unleash it on the Internet and it will grow like some kind of cyberspace vine and direct traffic and business back your way. If you’re one of those people dont feel bad.  That’s the way I thought it worked too some time ago.

The Best Content Writing Here

And of course there’s more to this Internet advertising stuff than first meets the eye. You need to entice prospects back to your site with the right combination of keywords and links but once they’re there you need to be sure that you’ve given them something to read when they arrive. If they show up at the website you’ve had built to find poor content that is obviously just stuffed with keywords, they wont hang around long.

That’s why you need to get the professional content writer on your side.  Someone who can place those keywords into the content in a way that they add to the flow of the words and not work against them.

I’ve got over 1,000 optimized blogs and articles under my belt, so if you’re looking for the best in content writing get in touch.

Why You Need A Content Writer

Have you ever Googled a topic of interest and when you got to the site the writing was so bad it couldn’t hold your interest for more than a few seconds before you clicked away? Well, that’s what can happen when you go through all the trouble of using the best Internet advertising techniques to work toward a great page ranking and skimp on the content.

Remember That SEO Content Writing Is King

There’s no way around having great content as one of the tools that you use to draw the reader in and hopefully convert them into a sale. All too often you see great websites that use all the right seo techniques but they can’t close the circle because the content writing on the site is lacking or obviously just there couching keywords.
The professional content writer makes it sound great and work to increase traffic and page ranking.

Starting Out

content writing After thinking it over for a while ( and writing well over a thousand optimized blogs ) I decided to start this business up to compliment my other freelance work. Writing the kind of optimized content that helps Internet based companies to get noticed  was a good fit since I had a journalism background.

Content Writing For The Web

Since I’ve been working in freelance content writing,  I’ve noticed that the customer is expecting a high standard. That’s all no problem since I’m used to deadlines and being exact from the reporter days before I started taking on content writing  jobs.

I’ve done everything from blogs for the health insurance industry to articles for hosted exchange firms. I know how to get you the page rankings you need and I’ve got the experience to prove it. Email me today and let’s get started.