Good Content Writing Includes Headlines.

Copy of computer networkngi 1You need to keep in mind that the headline is one of the first pieces of information that a reader sees. Write a good one and they ll click through to read the rest of your article. A bad one means they’ll click away from a blog that you’ve written and may never return again.

What Makes For A Great Headline?

Fair enough, you might say, but what makes up a good headline? Well one of the first things that you need to consider is to be short and sweet. The headline isn’t the place to explain to the reader what the entire blog is about. It’s the place where you get to the point.

You need to remember that Google does not have a sense of humor. And that means that your sense of irony might be a hit at parties but it won’t do anything to get you a better search engine ranking or more readers. The more straightforward your title the better.

One final note about SEO. if you can work one of your main keywords into the title all the better and if you can put it as close to the front as possible you stand a better chance at a higher ranking.

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