The Perfect Clutch for Your Valentine

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Butterflies and Flowers Make This The Perfect Clutch For Your Valentine

Cosmetic bags always make a great gift anytime of the year, but when you’re looking to create an especially wonderful and romantic ambiance this Valentine’s Day, this zippered clutch is just the thing to tell that special woman in your life just what you think of her.

Colourful appliquéd butterflies and flowers adorn this tastefully decorated clutch with an especially feminine air and the painted pearls and matching blue tassel complete the design that’s exquisitely stated against the crème background of the bag itself. This is the gift your loved one will cherish most; whether used at home, out for a special Valentine’s evening or during the day as the versatile and lovely accessory the special person you love will be proud to own.

Butterfly and FlowersThis gift shouldn’t be washed and like every other stunningly singular gift in the inventory…

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The History of Valentine’s Day

Crafts and Gifts

With this favourite holiday fast approaching, I thought it would be a good idea to post something about Valentine’s Day for my valued clients. When you look over my inventory of hand made jewelry you’ll notice that I like to design inventive, beautiful creations that come from my mind and the thoughts of a few like-minded suppliers, so I felt that any Valentine’s Day blog should be a little different than the norm.

That said, here’s a history of the holiday complete with a few facts you might find surprising.

Did you know?

• While the earliest origins of Valentine’s Day are shrouded in history there are a few hints about how February 14 came to be known as the day we currently enjoy. For example, in 496 A.D. the Catholic Pope Gelasius I named the day after St. Valentine, the patron saint of lovers.
• Valentine’s Day also has…

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A Content Writer For News

A great thing just happened. I was plodding along as a content writer for several years when my journalism experience came back into play. It seems there’s a market now for news that kept current and updated on blogs…no surprise here..being a good content writer is about staying in motion.

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A New Web Consulting Firm

Today’s business is global and to get the advantage you need to compete in all hemispheres on all continents or even right here in the GTA, it’s important that you have a web presence. And for that you need a good web designer and content writer.

But a successful seat at the Internet business table is about more than a solid Web design. Just as business cards that sit in your wallet do nothing to increase your profit margin, a website that doesn’t get promoted through the right brand of Internet advertising will sit stagnant on the web.

That’s why you need us as web consultants. We’ve got the experience in web design and search engine optimization to help you build a site and then promote it. We can help you get the Internet results you want from a new or existing web presence with the combined experience of over 20 years working with Internet based business.

Content Writing And Self Editing Go Hand In Hand

bluestripe contentI write an article for and last week I touched on the subject of how important self editing was to content writing in general.  There seemed to be a misconception among people starting out in writing that you should be editing whatever you’re writing as you go along. That’s not the way to get the best results.

First Content Writing and Then Editing

Although they work hand in hand you need to finish the writing part before you move on to the editing. It’s important to write that way so that you can get the whole point down that you want to. It’s too easy to lose your train of thought when you keep stopping as you go through the first draft.
You need to read out loud as well when you’re editing something you’ve just written.


Good Content Writing Includes Headlines.

Copy of computer networkngi 1You need to keep in mind that the headline is one of the first pieces of information that a reader sees. Write a good one and they ll click through to read the rest of your article. A bad one means they’ll click away from a blog that you’ve written and may never return again.

What Makes For A Great Headline?

Fair enough, you might say, but what makes up a good headline? Well one of the first things that you need to consider is to be short and sweet. The headline isn’t the place to explain to the reader what the entire blog is about. It’s the place where you get to the point.

You need to remember that Google does not have a sense of humor. And that means that your sense of irony might be a hit at parties but it won’t do anything to get you a better search engine ranking or more readers. The more straightforward your title the better.

One final note about SEO. if you can work one of your main keywords into the title all the better and if you can put it as close to the front as possible you stand a better chance at a higher ranking.